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Smart Consult are energy consultants for large, medium and small businesses delivering cash flow positive solutions to achieve energy reduction targets. We are experienced energy analysts partnering with a national team of installers to deliver optimum energy options for you.

SmartConsult Energy Specialists can assist with mitigating the risks associated with electricity and gas procurement.


Electricity tariff analysis and revision

SmartConsult specialises in the optimisation of  the network tariff component and has a successful track record in making significant savings through adjusting the network tariffs for our clients.

Metering and sub metering and CT Sales

Our state of the art metering software can provide you with consumption profiling and access to interval data. We can tailor  reporting options to keep track of energy usage, carbon emissions, energy demand and power factor.

Fee based consulting for customers

We can provide a fee proposal for a specific defined scope of work as consultants. Alternatively we can be paid from the project costs. We utilize the most advanced analytical programs and simulators available within the industry,


Getting busy at ATMOsphere 2019

What was ATMOsphere 2019 all about? Heating and cooling in Australia accounts for around 25% of our total energy budget. So it is a big deal if we can reduce emissions from this sector by making equipment more efficient and designing buildings around these new...

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Sizing your Solar System

This week we had a customer who wanted to fill up his roof with solar- but was that the best option to suit his need. The roof space available to the client could fit a system of about 200kw which would give him a return on investment based on his consumption profile....

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