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What is Load Shifting?

Load shifting is one of the techniques used in power use management. It involves moving the consumption of high wattage loads to different times within an hour or within a day or even within a week. It doesn’t lead to reduction in net quantity of energy consumed in an electricity. It simply involves changing the ‘when consumed’ rather than ‘how much consumed’.

To understand the reason behind load shifting, you need to grasp the concept that electricity generation is a dynamic process involving different kinds of generating stations employing different generation technologies. Accordingly, there are different costs associated with electricity generated at any given point of time. This means you can realise savings in net generation costs if it could be moved around in time, even while keeping the net generated energy the same. This is where load shifting comes into play.

Load shifting can happen in many ways. For example having variable electricity price and thus encourage consumption in specific hours, remote controlling specific appliances etc. or with flexible energy delivery agreements with industries.

To formulate the best strategy for load shifting requires a sound understanding of your power usage, what rates are being applied to your power account and what resources you have available to you. SmartConsult can assist you with these calculations to make informed decisions about managing your power to reduce costs in your business.