Consulting since 1992

Fee based consulting for customers

SmartConsult has successfully helped many businesses across Australia with energy reduction solutions and commercial solar PV installations. We are happy to provide a fee proposal for a specific defined scope of work as consultants if this is preferred. Alternatively we can be paid from the project costs.

SmartConsult utilize the most advanced analytical programs and simulators available within the industry, where other energy vendors are unable to provide tailored cash flow positive solutions that can be trusted.

SmartConsult carefully model and size each and every custom solar PV and PFC solution we recommend to our clients. This modelling is generated by analysing your electricity charges and historical 30-minute interval data records. This enables us to calculate the Power Factor efficiency and simulate the actual consumption profile.

Tenders and project Management 
SmartConsult can provide and manage the  specification and a suitable tender request document on your letterhead which is let to qualified installers in your locale.