Last week we spent some time with Julian Hudson from Glaciem while he was visiting the Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers in NSW. He visited some swimming centres, a cold store and also caught up with some other professionals in the area. Some of the venues that we visited don’t get experts come through their door too often so it was great to get a warm welcome from these businesses and get time to ask them questions, see what their needs are and get converstaions going about how we might be able to assist them in reducing their energy needs.

Julian is an expert in energy storage and CO2 refrigeration and his insights into how swimming pools can reduce costs was invaluable to hear. Glaciem is based in Adelaide and is talking to dairies, cold stores, entertainment venues, farms, icecream factories and swimming pools. He is a busy boy as keeping things cold is around 20% of the energy market in Australia and his specialty of CO2 systems is a hot topic.

Julian spent time with some Pool centre managers looking over their heat pumps and HVAC systems that help keep the environment nice in Pool centres. There are savings to be made by getting these systems to work better together and these changes don’t have to cost the Earth. Julian had some great ideas about how some of the equipment could be retrofitted, and that is another win for the environment.

It has so much benefit having a fresh set of eyes look over a system and reinforce the fundamentals of these systems, point out where savings can be made and suggest new ways of tackling these issues. Julian’s experience around the world with heating and cooling is invaluable to us and our clients.