Luke, Michael and Derek spent some time with Glaciem in Adelaide looking over their Thermal Battery solution. It is an elegant way to store large amounts of Thermal Energy that is an ideal solution for some businesses storing thermal energy at low cost. This system uses CO2 compressors that are super efficient and allow you to ‘gain’ from your electricity usage and load shift your usage to avoid excess power charges. In fact the more you think about it, the more applications you find for this technology. Julian Hudson and Robert Caprile walked us through the systems and gave us a behind the scenes look at their R and D research rigs.

What is surprising is the size of the storage tank. When you go to ‘the cold side’ of things, you can store a large amount of thermal energy in a small space. Ice is ‘energy dense’ and a 20′ container full of ice is capable of storing about 1.4Mw of thermal energy. Compare that to an electrical battery and you are going to need a few more containers to store that much power.

Glaciem is a spinoff from the University of South Australia and are able to be integrated into existing systems, or if the site is a greenfields site, they can incorporate their CO2 systems into a new build. CO2 has some quirky features, but if the installation is planned well from the start, it is a safe, efficient and low cost refrigerant that will last for years. With the resources that a University can bring to the equation, Glaciem is able to offer solutions that other businesses can only dream of. SmartConsult are excited to be partnering with Glaciem and working with them to find clients whose needs at met by the Glaciem systems. Don’t you love renewables…!